Vehicle disposal

Bagillt Car Spares is an End of Life Vehicles Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs). We operate a regulated de-pollution facility to manage vehicle waste products. We provide a Certificate of destruction and inform the DVLA that you are no longer the vehicle owner. We are licensed by the environmental agency to carry out this work in a controlled environment so that each vehicle is disposed of correctly. We administer the correct paperwork needed so that you do not get into trouble with the DVLA when handing over your vehicle for scrappage. We issue a Certificate of destruction which confirms the vehicle has been processed by us and you do not have any responsibility for the vehicle.

IT is very important that you do not sell or hand over your vehicle to unauthorised agents. If you sell to someone who is not authorised, you run he risk of not having the correct paperwork done and this could leave you with fines over taxation or speeding and parking offences as you are responsible for the correct vehicle declarations.

Phase 2

Vehicle preparation for safety

De-electrify - Deploy Airbags - Tyre Removal

cars for cash in denbighshire The vehicles are a potential danger when the arrive for all sorts of reasons because of their condition. They could have petrol leaks, electrical faults or airbag malfunction. We remove the battery for collection and deploy any airbags following a controlled procedure. All this has to be done prior to the de-pollution process. We have health and safety policy which allows us to operate in a safety conscious environment with the investment in the correct equipment to carry out the work.

Phase 1

Vehicle Documentation

cars for cash in denbighshire We will process your V5 (vehicle log book) and even if you do not have the documents we can help to process the correct forms. we will then electronically process the vehicle details so that we can issue you with your Certificate Of Destruction (COD). Please note: without a Certificate Of Destruction you could be heavily fined or held liable if any illegal activities are carried out in the vehicle. This means any fines resulting from SORN declarations and road traffic violations.

Phase 4

Vehicle metal shredder

racing trophy Our scrapped vehicles are bailed in a crusher and finally end up in the shredder. The recycling process is complete when the metals are sorted and grated for re-smelting into metal ingots for the steel industry.

Phase 3

Vehicle fluids extraction

Break fluid - fuel – suspension – coolants – hydraulic fluid – engine oils – gearbox oils - antifreeze

cars for cash in denbighshire All vehicle fluids are collected and sent for further treatment by hazardous waste management.