Vauxhall started making cars in 1903 with a vision and philosophy that has remained with the company through over 100 years of change. Let’s take a look back to Forward Thinking in a different age. The first ever Vauxhall car was the 6HP with its slow-revving single cylinder engine and a chassis that was Forward Thinking – amalgamating the chassis and lower body into a composite steel and wood structure. Vauxhall’s sporting debut also came in October 1903 with a time trail in the ninth Vauxhall ever made.The Vauxhall Ampera will be the first tailpipe emission-free, electrically driven vehicle in Europe to be suitable for everyday driving. It will go into production in late 2011. In fact, when it comes to cleaner, more efficient and generally more enjoyable and affordable vehicles, we at Vauxhall have exactly the blend of distinctive modern design, smart ideas and meaningful technological innovations that it takes to build the vehicles of tomorrow. Go To website