You might think it strange but our founders started by making push bikes! In Czechoslovakia during December 1895, keen cyclists Vaclav Laurin (a mechanic) and Vaclav Klement (a bookseller ) started designing and manufacturing bicycles. At that time, most Czechs were fervently patriotic, so they called their first company Slavia. Their bicycles sold well, so Laurin and Klement decided to take the next step – and add motors. They started making motorbikes in 1899, changed the name of their company to the Laurin and Klement Co and chalked up several racing victories. While making nearly 4,000 motorbikes of various types, they started experimenting with a new phenomenon – the car - which began to gradually replace motorbikes from 1905 on. With the political changes of 1989, when the Berlin Wall was brought down, came new market economy conditions. The government of the Czech Republic and the management of Skoda began to search for a strong foreign partner in an effort to secure the company’s long term international competitiveness. In December 1990, they decided on Volkswagen and a joint venture began the following year. Skoda became the fourth brand in the Volkswagen group, alongside Volkswagen, Audi and Seat. Since then, Skoda has gone from strength to strength, manufacturing not only many excellent cars but many happy drivers Go To website