New and Part Worn Tyre Fitting Service

We get a wide variety of tyres in every day. On some cars, they are like new and all of what we choose has plenty of wear in them. If you make an enquiry make sure you have the right information as shown in the information below. Prices start from £10.00

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Tyre identification

Identifying the correct tyre by following the diagram showing the tyre markings

tyre identification details

P C D and Wheel Offset

You have the number of studs and the distance between them which is Pitch Center Diameter. You also have a wheel offset which is normally quoted as an ET number. For example, ET37 indicates that the offset is 37mm from the wheel face.

Price and Availability

Prices range from £10 to £40 for a 4x4. We are very cost effective when we can supply part worn and new as a combination. We stock NEW tyres to compliment our range of part worn tyres for when you want a full set.

Phone for price and availability and we can normally supply and fit the same day.

Tyre Inspection

Under the motor Trade (Safety) Regulations 1994 While still on the wheel, the tyre is blown up to normal pressure. Visual and touch test for bulges, malformations and cracks are carried out. Tread depth test satisfy the legal requirement and we only choose the once with plenty of ware left on them. Off the wheel we inspect for any stones or damage to the tread and cracks to the tyre wall. This inspection will result in rejection or repair if it is only minor. The internal seal bead is inspected to insure a good seal is maintained. These tyres are sold fitted to the wheel and not as separate items. The fitted tyres are professionally fitted and a final inspection is carried out. If you make an enquiry make sure, you have the right information as shown in the picture shown here